Netsuite Ecommerce Experts For Almost 15 Years

When your company's NetSuite database driven online presence depends on a clear competitive advantage, who will you trust to delivery it for you on time and on budget?

Whether it's Netsuite custom web design, or to install conversion-driven Netsuite Ecommerce Solutions Centek delivers results. Period. Contact Us Today

Our template-based solution allows the professional, easy and affordable integration with your NetSuite account of customized E-Commerce webstores or over 2,000 NetSuite-compatible professional-grade templates provided by Centek.
Unlike other high-cost web store customization methods by competitors which take literally weeks or months to deploy and priced in the many thousands, Site Genie is affordable, works in days and simple enough for everyone to use.

Key Benefits
  • Most affordable and professional solution in the market.
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Fully compatible with NetSuite's world-class E-Commerce features.
  • Professional results at a reasonable price.
  • No need to spend thousands anymore on site customization.
  • Simple, yet powerful with many add-on features.
  • No HTML or design expertise required.
  • Customize your web store and go live in days.
Let us take your NetSuite E-Business to the next level; we know how. Our experienced team of NetSuite web developers with over 10 years of experience will develop a site that will exceed your expectations. For us, overlooked components of a website such as functionality, usability, appearance, accessibility, and consistency are never an option; they are a requirement. We offer over 20 different customized solutions to help you take on the competition head-on and succeed. Let us help you maximize your NetSuite E-Commerce potential and revenue stream. When excellence is possible, good is not enough.

We specialize in recoding existing NetSuite websites for mobile compability (responsive website) and easy accessibility via mobile phones and tablets which is increasingly becoming more crucial for Search Engine Optimization, organic indexation and search engine relevancy as well. More importantly, we design and develop each NetSuite site to be consistent with and based on 7 key principles: Functionality, Usability, Look and Feel, Search Engine Optimization, Easy Site Maintenance, Conversion Optimization, ROI Tracking.