Back Office Services

We offer professional NetSuite Back Office Services which guarantee cost reduction and high quality of service, alleviating risks and securing benefits through a structured approach. Our experienced NetSuite Back Office agents can ensure that your current functionalities are performed directly using your NetSuite backend which guarantee reduction in costs, maintaining quality, alleviating risks and securing benefits through a structured approach. We provide daily reports if necessary and a direct line of communication with your outsourced agent. What makes Centek different? Our agents are trained in NetSuite with a strong focus on webstore management, SEO and PPC campaigns. Need help managing your e-Commerce webstore, want to expand to Amazon or another channel? Give us a call. You will be happy you did.

Advantages of retaining Centek for your NetSuite back office needs:

  • NetSuite-experienced personnel!
  • Hiring Costs. We offer sensible relief in hiring-related expenses such as advertising and placement costs, resume screening, reference and background checks, employee placement, testing, interviewing, additional overtime paid to fill vacancies, downtime, etc.!
  • Training Costs. We also look to minimize the training related expenses associated with the hiring of any new employee. These expenses range from training time and material, differential initial performance, to trainee/trainer compensation cost, among others.
  • Retaining Costs. Every business owner knows there are hidden costs per employee associated with a salary. Some of these costs include FICA & miscellaneous taxes, payroll, severance, training, HR & administration, oversight/management, telecom and internet fees, insurance, vacation, sick days, etc. When you retain Centek to manage some of your back office positions, you do not have to worry about any of these.
  • Some of the NetSuite back office tasks we manage for our NetSuite clients:

  • Webstore Management Support Services
  • Order Processing, Chat and Email Support
  • Google AdWords, PPC, SEO Optimization Support Services
  • Lead Generation and Data Entry Support Services
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Support Services

When you choose to work with Centek Solutions to help you attain new E-Commerce goals, reach new frontiers and improve your revenue stream through an amplified business perspective based on experience and professionalism; your business becomes our business; your success becomes our success; your goals become our goals. This is true synergy at work.